C Ginn offer a range of services to suit every repair, restoration or stone cleaning job.

NATURAL STONE: We are able to replace or replicate natural stone to match the colour, texture and details of the existing stonework. And all carried out in accordance with Industry good practice.

REBUILDING: Dismantling sections of defective brickwork and rebuilding it using existing materials where possible but supplemented with new to match the existing stonework where required.

ALTERATIONS: In cases where openings have to be formed or bricked up to suit Clients needs, this is carried out using materials sourced to match the existing brickwork and blend in with the building.

REPOINTING: We are experienced in using various repointing techniques and materials depending on the building and materials required, we also are experienced in the use of Lime mortars and various techniques and finishes.

RESTORATION: We are skilled at matching many types of stone and as an alternative to replacing stone in some cases we are able to carry out sympathetic repairs. This is done using specialist repair materials to match the colour, detail and texture of the surrounding stone.

REPAIRS: In cases where stone is loose and dangerous it can be taken down and repaired using selected epoxy resins.

CLEANING: We use only the best and most up-to-date systems and methods to ensure your brick or stone is repaired with care.

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