Lime mortar stone repairs and pointing

Lime mortar stoneworks are the very essence of building conservation and restoration projects.

Natural lime based stone mortars and renders are far superior products and essential in the correct stone repairs and construction of historical stone built facades is a huge advocate of these traditional products and methods, with a well seasoned team, dedicated solely to lime pointing, renders and mortar repairs.

Mortar Analysis

Traditional mortars are of infinite variety and as such it is now accepted that a detailed understanding of existing mortars is essential in informing the design team and assisting the specification of replacement or repair materials.

Mortar analysis in the stonemason trade has become standard practice. We determine the constituents and proportions of all mortars, plasters and renders, Non-hydraulic lime; hydraulic lime; roman cement; early cements; Portland cement; cement/lime blends; gypsum; gypsum/lime blends: and daubs can all be identified.

This ensures the correct materials are being used for the specific stone building restoration and conservation projects.